Conquering Your Closet

In the beginning, God created closets. Now, for many of us, a closet is a friendly happy place, full of fond retail therapy memories. But, if you have a busy life and are naturally disorganized, like me, sometimes a closet can be a place where you can

The Bella

only find one shoe, when you really need two, and your favorite jeans go missing for an entire week. I overhauled my closet a few years back, and am now at peace with my inner closet. Before we get started talking about which goes jewelry goes with what, you will need to know what you have to work with. Let’s dig in and organize your closet.

There are five things you need to buy, other than my jewelry, just to make me happy. You DO want me to be happy, DON’T you?

1. Buy wooden hangers. They have them really cheap at Ikea or Target. When you invest a little in a hanger, it’s better for your clothes, looks uniform, easier to see things as they hang. The one exception is that you can hang your sleeveless tops and dresses on those plastic hangers with plastic notches so they don’t fall off the hanger. From the Container Store  buy clear plastic shoe boxes for your shoes. Buy a few fabric covered stackable topless boxes for your undies. I think I got mine from Crate and Barrel or Hold Everything. Clear sleeved hanging handbag holders can be found at the Container Store as well.

2. Take every single thing out of the closet and put it on your bed or floor. Or both. No, do not try to get away with leaving the shoes in there. You WILL be getting rid of some. Take them out. NOW, young lady. NOWWW.

3. Look at everything. With the exception of evening dresses, if you have not worn it in a year, if it doesn’t fit you, and can’t be altered or if it’s really hideous and people mock you every time you wear it, give it to a friend or the needy. If it was expensive, sell it on eBay so you can buy more cool stuff. *Waving hands frantically* I will accept any and all Gucci donations, by the way. I’m not proud. I’ll MAKE that size 4 jacket fit me. Eyeroll. 

4. Sort everything. Here are the categories: pants, jeans,  long-sleeved shirts,  short-sleeved shirts, sleeveless shirts, jackets, sweaters, dresses, formal dresses, shoes, boots, bags, regular undies, special undies, (wink wink) workout clothes, things that need to go to the tailor, receipts, pens and makeup that wound up in your closet but don’t really belong there. Put them in a plastic shoe box to deal with later.  Last but not least, Jewelry. (sound of choir singing) I keep sterling in plastic baggies to prevent oxidation, and put them in a clear shoebox. Everything else goes into clear tower drawer thingie I have on a closet shelf.  Container Store again. Your fine jewelry should never be kept in your closet. Lock it up or hide it in the house. Just don’t forget where you put it, for Pete’s sake. Crying and jewelry do not mix. Not at all. Now pay attention. 

5. One by one, place the clothing items on hangers. YES you are hanging everything. NO you will not wear it if it’s folded up. You know you won’t. Stop pretending drawers work for you if they do not. I’m not a drawer person. If you are, then go ahead

Hello Gorgeous Labradorite Earrings

and put things in drawers. I never wear anything that’s in a drawer except bathing suits and socks, because if I can’t SEE it, it’s not THERE. Hang up each group. As you hang them up,  arrange them BY COLOR from light to dark. Now you will see very quickly what you have too much of. You will find several things that you had no idea you still owned. Your WILL find your BFFs shirt that you borrowed six months ago. When I did this overhaul for my mother’s closet, she was shocked to see that she had 18 pairs of black pants. Who knew? 

6. Get one of those hanging handbag holders to save space, they’re awesome. Put those shoes into plastic boxes with the exception of your running shoes, because you know you won’t make it to the gym if those shoes aren’t out and taunting you each and every day. 

7. When you’re done, reward yourself.  You deserve it!  I suggest chocolate, coffee and a manicure, because you just screwed up your nail polish and you’re starving. Congratulations!  : )

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5 Comments on “Conquering Your Closet”

  1. Karen Says:

    Sounds like a plan to me! And oh yes, a nice jewelry reward would be in order! Can I just take the reward now and do the hard part next week, or next year, or how about never? Never works for me!!
    Happy New Year to us just about everything of yours would look good on all of us.

    • sueanneshirzay Says:

      HA! Is that what you would call “paying it backward” —To yourself? I think I like that. YES, YES I DOOO! : )

  2. Judy Says:

    Great advice-even if it is difficult to follow-esp us shoe divas. I had (have) such an emotional connection to my shoes (maybe because that was the only place I was a perfect size 8)that I kept all of them. When the all tumbled out on top of me one day, in a pile that came up to my hips, I realized I needed to organize the closet once and for all. I whittled 130 pairs-yes that’s right 130-to 60, and now replace out of style, uncomfortable or don’t wear items on a yearly basis. Much better now. Thanks for the sermon…time to go clean my closet…LOL

  3. jessie Says:

    this is so cool!thank you

  4. Jessica Says:

    very good !thank you~

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