Keeping it Simple

Congratulations! You’ve organized your closet and no longer are terrified of opening the door for fear the contents will fall out on your head, immediately rendering you temporarily – or worse – permanently unable to shop. WHAT? You have no idea what I’m talking about? Please take a step back and read post #2, Conquering Your Closet. 

For this first Style File clothing and jewelry post I picked out these two very cute tops that are currently available in Anthropologie stores as well as

Secret Message Blouse

A word about Anthropologie. I’ll try to be brief. THEY ROCK. You’ll have to excuse me, but the simple mention of this store just makes me smile. And make sure I know the whereabouts of my Amex at all times. They understand color, therefore they understand ME. Don’t we all just want to be “understood” by the places that suck away almost every dollar of our disposable income? Is it asking too much? Yes, yes we do.

Teresa Green Onyx Earrings

I can always count on Anthropologie to have something that works for my ” I really don’t want to wear what everybody else is wearing, so give me something different  Artiste aesthetic” kind of thing I have going on. As a bonus they don’t cost a fortune and have some really kick-ass sales, pretty much all the time. Plus they sell cool kitchen stuff like candles and doorknobs, soap, knick knacks. Some Jewelry. (Of course, mine is better-hairflip!). 

Amethyst Chandelier Earrings

You’ll notice both blouses are in mid-tone colors. To keep it simple, I’ll define a tone as the saturation of a particular color. There are endless tones of a color. Though both blouses are in fairly universally flattering colors, if your skin tone seems to clash with them, then they are not for you. Both tops come in other colors, by the way. The jewelry that I have shown all work well with either blouse. 

Breeze Along Cami

One of the best books that explains color and skin tones and has really handy color charts is What you wear can change your life, By Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine. Basically Trinny and Susannah are the U.K.’s version of Stacy and Clinton. The jewelry I have chosen goes with these tops because it has the same range of tones in it. Because both tops have ruffles, I’m just going with earrings, here. Both can be worn with white if you live somewhere warm, your favorite jeans, other neutral pants and skirts. If , like me you’re freezing right now- wear a pretty, short, fitted jacket. 

Aqua Pineapple Earrings

There’s no reason to add a necklace to this formula with so much flounce going on already, but if you do just keep it very very simple, or you will look like you are being worn by your clothing and jewelry instead of you wearing it. No reason to match colors of jewelry exactly. If you look at most stones carefully, they have several colors going on in them. You never have to drive yourself crazy trying to be perfect. In fact, is there anything better than a “happy accident” when it comes to putting something together. NO! Have fun! 

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