Whaddaya Want from Me?

Hey! Here’s my first video blog.. I’ve got tons of ideas for this blog, but I’d like to hear from you! P.S. I DID edit this blog but for some reason the UNEDITED version got uploaded to YouTube, and frankly… It’s so stupid I don’t even care. : ) 

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9 Comments on “Whaddaya Want from Me?”

  1. Deborah Says:

    Sueanne – I love the unedited version – you are so darn cute! My idea for a blog would be getting our feet ready for spring sandals – of course a pedi is the start but they probably need on-going attention to keep looking good

  2. sueanneshirzay Says:

    GOOD GOD IN HEAVEN… Are you sure you want to see my feet on this thing? LMAO.
    Thanks for the comment, and “don’t forget to subscribe to win the giftcard ” if you have not already.

  3. Sue Zupnyk Says:

    Awesome you are so creative

  4. Sueanne,
    When do you have time for this stuff? You must squeeze it in between entomology lessons and drinking worms out of tequila bottles.
    I see Deborah above is a fellow brave SOLE who is concerned about feet. She stole the SOLE suggestion I had which was a shoe fashion guest post by that smart a** out east in da Hamptons.
    Would you like me to send you some samples of good guy plaid to use in the edited version of this vid?

    • sueanneshirzay Says:

      Mitch, once again I must remind you that you are NOT. A. GIRL. and the plaid article was about people who are GIRLS. WOMEN, to be exact. I found the time to do this sometime between sleepwalking and sleepeating. I do not sleepdrink, but maybe I do and nobody has told me yet.

  5. You need to have a fashion Talk Show – sort of like What Not to Wear but without that dark-haired bimbo – YOU are so fabulous – unedited is always best because it shows how natural you are and so funny. I have an idea but I’m a little hesitant about it – I’ll email you. xoxoxo OOOHH OOOOH Let’s do Befores and Afters …yeah, that’s it. No, you can’t use me – people would never return to your blog. lol

    • sueanneshirzay Says:

      Laughing… But I love that dark haired Bimbo, Stacy! I love this idea and the one you emailed me. You’re the best redhead evahhhhh! xoxo

  6. JesusWife Says:

    I’m writing on behalf of my husband, whose knowledge of fashion would fit on the point of a pin (opposite the Lord’s Prayer, which is on its head). My husband is considering updating his image, and he wants to know what color and style of crucifix would go best with a white T-shirt, blue jeans, and black Converse shoes. He also wants to know if you could “please, please, please” create said crucifix for him. In exchange for watery wine.

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