The Good, The Bad and the Ugly – Oscar Ovation

I was very happy to see all of my favorite movie stars looking spectacular last night on the red carpet. Well,

Maggie Gyllenhaal in Dries Van Noten


almost everybody. Here’s the thing about style, in my humble opinion. Guess What? It’s not about how the dress would look on YOU…it’s about how the dress looked on THEM. What I’m saying is… as you read my comments, remember that this is about Personal Style. Anybody can throw on a boring dress and look pretty damn good. The dresses I picked out as the best are the ones that look amazing on the person wearing them. They took a little risk. Did a little something different. And by the way, not all these pictures are that great. You really had to see them on camera, moving in the dress, smiling, and being fabulous. 

Maggie Gyllenhaal is a unique actress with a unique style. She rarely disappointments me with her fashion choices. This Dries Van Noten dress was fun, interesting, draped well, and looked so pretty with her eyes and skin tone. With a dress like this you need to keep the hair, makeup, and jewelry – Fred Leighton- pretty simple, and she did.

Diane Kruger in Chanel Couture


Diane Kruger is going to get a lot of Flak for her choice, but I’m not afraid to disagree with the Pack on this one. I loved everything about her in this Chanel Couture dress. The black playing against the pale peach color, the crazy beautiful detail in the dress, which, as couture, is really more of a piece of art than a dress, let’s face it, and the way she positively glowed, even though Quentin Tarrantino was her date, ha ha.

Meryl Streep in Chris March


Meryl Streep’s choice just goes to show you what class, taste and style looks like at any age. She was sporting a simple white stunner from Chris March, a Fashion Runway alum. Not only do I admire the fact that Meryl has managed to be an amazing actress and mother, pulling off quite the balancing act for years, but Hell, I have to admire a woman who can get away with wearing WHITE  in March, because God knows I can’t. I have to have a little color on my skin. Not Meryl… she looked divine. The draping was perfect, and it was SO HER.

With evening wear, oftentimes the best jewelry is diamonds, diamonds and more diamonds. When you’re wearing a spectacular dress, you don’t want to start a competition with crazy jewelry. Simple is better. I did absolutely love Jeff Bridge’s wife’s large and beautiful turquoise and diamond earrings, however. They were probably the highlight of my jewelry evening. 

As far as the dresses, I DIDN’T like, I really thought Miley Cyrus’s choice was pretty awful as well as Charlize Theron’s. No need to show pictures to repeat the horror. But we can’t win them all, and I always admire someone who takes a risk rather than being dull. 

Feel free to comment as always! Double air kiss! : )

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5 Comments on “The Good, The Bad and the Ugly – Oscar Ovation”

  1. qviews Says:

    Thanks for speaking up for Diane Kruger–she deserves it for being adventurous with a beautiful dress. My favorite dress was on Elizabeth Banks. I’m so tired of seeing strapless gowns that either look like body armour or as if they’re about to slip down. Her dress fit and flattered her perfectly.

  2. No evaluation of the guy candy?

  3. RobynElfie Says:

    WOW – I am knocked out – somebody ELSE noticed Elizabeth Banks! I thought she stole the whole Best Dressed show. Classy, perfectly fitted, and just wonderful on her.

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