Who let me on the airwaves?


Tune in Wednesday, 4:28 EST!


So, basically, some fool, er, I mean, really smart intellectual filmmaker kind of guy with an appreciation for humor and style…has decided the world needs to hear what I think about style on any given day. On the radio. In particular, tomorrow. Wednesday, 3/17/10 at 4:28 EST. His name is Ladd Ehlinger Jr.  and believe me…this is sure to be a 20 minute laugh extravaganza. So tune in. You can listen via Ustream, if you do not happen to live in Alabama, which is where the broadcast originates.  I set up Ustream in 4 minutes on my Mac. His other guest is a Politician, Les Phillip.  I have viewpoints regarding style and politicians. They may be of interest of you. Or… we may talk about why vodka tastes better if it’s directly from the freezer. I have no idea. You know how random I am… JUST TUNE IN. 

And… click on the link below to get to the ON AIR thingie, or on the picture on the left to get to the main show website. CIAO!! 

UPDATE!!! I made it through the show without making a complete and utter fool of myself… I think. Okay, I’m not sure. You decide. Here are the mp3 and video files. I contributed my two cents during my call-in segment in the last half hour of the show.  I have been asked to be the in-house style guru .. so you will be hearing more from me each and every Wednesday 4:28 E.S.T.  I’m really sorry. : ) 

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5 Comments on “Who let me on the airwaves?”

  1. Is this a call in show?

    I’ve still got 999 questions left on my 1000 sheet roll from the Le Morning Show event…

    ::Linda, do you speak southern? Will any of us understand Ladd?::secret message::

    • sueanneshirzay Says:

      It is not YET a call in show, but it WILL BE eventually, and you can leave running live comments and questions of USTREAM if you like. This high tech crap is WAY cool, Mitch.

  2. holy crap on a crutch – I’m out Wed afternoon – &%&*^^&&^$*& can this puppy be taped somewhow for later listening? Mitch – hunnylammm ahm from Suthurhnn Vahjinnnya an sho’nuf ah can speak the suthurhn langwudge mah lil ole swee’pea. Mmmmm mmmmm Lawd hep us ahhll. Hallelujah!

    Dang that even hurt to type. ROFLMAO…my Suthurhn ayass that iz…

    Ustream? Can’t the urologist fix that? leaving now…

  3. did someone say this is a call girl show??? bwahahahaa just kidding. I tried the mp3 link and the video link and it ended with the congressional candidate and I never got to see you. Big Bummer for me I know you were simply fabulous and hope this turns into regular gig for you — I can always call in and be his humor relief…(spitting coffee) Love ya, mean it!

    • sueanneshirzay Says:

      LINDER! Pay attention. I CALL IN to the show to deliver my fantastic advice. You will NOT BEHOLD me in all my magnificent magnificentness-ity. You have to LISTEN to the thing. It’s a 2 hour show. My slot is 3:28, (the show starts at 2) and I think I have 12.5 minutes or something like that. You must listen and OBEY my EVERY WORD. : )

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