Pajamification Nation Proclamation


One nation, under flannel, ….”sound of record being scratched by needle”

No! Just... NO!


All right people. There is a serious problem plaguing this country of ours. It’s not Political, it’s not about Healthcare. It’s not even about people who tweet what they are having for breakfast, lunch and dinner on Twitter. It’s so much worse.

It’s about pajamas. 

Who in the fashion underworld decided it was okay to wear pajamas in lieu of clothing? They’re at the supermarket, I see them at the movies, at the car wash, at the beach, at the Mall.

Pajama people.

They sport polar bears, hearts, SpongeBob, for crying out loud. And of course, plaid. Rivers and seas and oceans of plaid flannel. These are adults. I’m not talking about teenagers. 

They are the slackers of the fashion world and they must be dealt with accordingly.

I offer up this, my own Pajamafication Proclamation. Ye who shalt wearith pajamas in public over the age of 18 shall be subjected to a pajama tax. No, not the wearer him or herself. No. Every family member of the offender should be taxed $50 every time those pajamas hit the streets. The families must put a stop to this insanity. Pajama interventions must happen and they must happen NOW. Just think, state income tax could be reduced greatly if we would just tax the Pajama People. Or, just give all the money directly to the soup kitchens. Hell, homeless people dress better than these pajama people do, so it’s an apt solution. 

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And do you know what the worst thing about pajamas is? Nobody wears jewelry with pajamas! These people are out to destroy jewelry, people. My livelihood. JEWELRY! It’s a conspiracy that must be ended and ended today. No more Pajamas in Public. 

To hear more about this issue, please listen to me on the last half hour of the Film Ladd radio show from last week.
I say my piece in my now weekly 15 minute segment. The show is on daily from 3-5 EST. I’m on Wednesdays at 4:28 EST.

Let me know where you stand on this very important threat to our Nation in the comment section below.

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8 Comments on “Pajamification Nation Proclamation”

  1. Corey Says:

    My daughter said to me yesterday, mama, I’ll go with you to the store, I said, you’re not dressed — she said I’ll just put on a hoodie and go in my pj’s… I said young lady, that is NOT proper attire for leaving the house and you will not wear that out of the house as long as you live here with me…and I am breathing.. she said but it’s presentable.. I said YES if you intend to work at McDonalds your whole life.. — thank you for this. I’m showing it to her…

  2. Pajama tax? Are you mad? Do you think that will stop them? I say let’s return to public flogging – that should do it..bwhahahahaha

    • sueanneshirzay Says:

      Public flogging is too good for these people, besides they might enjoy it! No…. I want to buy my shoes tax free, and not be taxed on my outrageous income. These people must PAY, I say.

  3. Well as long as the pajama mommas and dads aren’t going barefoot I guess I still stand a fighting chance.

    Since our government’s done such a grand job with health care reform, next on the agenda for the House and Senate ought to be the matter of pj’s.

    ps. The only pj’s I’d be seen in public with are these: The para-rescue jumpers [p.j.’s for short] of the 106th Rescue Wing at Gabreski, Westhampton Beach, NY.

  4. I work around the pajama rule by sleeping in gym attire. A little cap to cover the hat hair for school drop off and It look like the nice daddy is on his way to the gym…even when I’m not. Do I get a pass? ~Mike

    • sueanneshirzay Says:

      Yes… but only because pretending to go to the gym is only slightly better than pretending you should be sleeping… in public.

  5. […] the door, displaying non-stop fabulous item after item. This season also marks the reemergence of Pajama People from their caves or wherever they’ve been hiding out all […]

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