National Trollop Prevention Month

Woo Hoo! Time for another video blog. Join me as I declare August “National Trollop Prevention Month”.

By the way, this is the necklace  I am wearing in the video…

Don't be a "catch of the day" trollop

Don't be a "catch of the day" trollop


I really don't care who manufactured your thong

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19 Comments on “National Trollop Prevention Month”

  1. Anne Agoren Says:

    I support your national Trollop Month. The showing of thongs or black bras under white attire is a NO NO on any side of the Atlantic. Also the wearing of belts and calling them skirts is not allowed under any circumstances. Ladies should always act like ladies and I guess Trollops will always act like …… Girls let me tell you guys want a lady with a little mystery about them. Noone wants a girl that puts it all on show for the world to see. So Act like a lady and be treated like a lady. xx

    • On the other hand, trollops make the rest of us look PRETTY DAMN GOOD! But no, I swear I need shock therapy to forget the horrors of that night. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT.

  2. I do hereby solemnly take the pledge that I will on my honor declare and support you in proclaiming August as National Trollop Prevention Month. I vow and promise to accost every trollop (up to and including strumpets) with whom I come into close enough contact and present them with a Slaptini on your behalf. This has gone on long enough and Must Be Stopped. These trollops are burning my retinas. And, yes, I CAN believe it – I blogged the other day about what I saw a trollop wearing – gasp! There needs to be a position in the President’s Administration….A Cabinet post for U.S. Fashionista – if we (read: YOU) can clean up the attire of America — we (read US) can do anything!!! Today the trollops, tomorrow the world! And it’s not just the women either…. you need to address the men, too, in another video blog m’dear – if only all male society dressed like Sam Champion. Take a hint people!!! There, I’m on board 100% with ya!

  3. Jason Says:

    True that – I am taking the pledge too. What really chaps me are the ones (guys and girls) who wear things literally about to fall off their booty and you can tell there’s nothing underneath. I don’t wanna see that!

  4. Brenda Mantz Says:

    I’m with you. If no red wine is handy…how about red paint. We see the same trollop-ness here in DC. Thanks for taking a stand!

  5. Strega_Rossa Says:

    National Trollop Prevention Month… Why hasn’t anyone come up with this idea before!! Totally behind you in this.

    Here on Long Island you see all manner of inappropriate dress at all hours. Perhaps a ‘fishnet nazi

  6. Florentina Says:

    I support you 100% Unless you are on a beach in Europe we need Not see your thong and come on now, if the clothes don’t fit right you just look fat not younger.
    You would think that as we grow up & mature we gain some sophistication … A 30 year old can’t get away with the same thing a teenager does.

    Tell them like it is Sueanne!

  7. Jen Says:

    I definitely take the pledge! Great blog!

  8. Alright already…I’m wearing the signboard you made – but sheesh do I have to carry this thing around ALL month just to keep the trollops away? ouch… Come by my blog I left a little award for you. Yes, I did. xo

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  10. Jane DeVoe Says:

    I will most certainly do a citizen’s arrest on the two or three trollops who try to frequent where I hang. Not sure I can conquer all that hang out at my local WalMart….

  11. Tomas57 Says:

    I hate thongs. Don’t care who wears them.

    Give me pantie lines, ladies

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