Top 10 Ways to Grow Out Your Foof (Bangs)

Recently I made a public service announcement video promoting Trollop Prevention Month, which kicks off in August, which is NOW, people. Missed it? Click here or look at the post directly before this one. I’m getting many comments but privately everyone is screaming at me because of my hair “situation”. I had the genius idea to have bangs cut in a couple of months ago, liked it for about a week, and then got bored with it. So, if you, like me need to grow out your bangs (we call this FOOF in my house) without looking like I did in that video, here are a few helpful ways to look SMOKIN’ hot while growing out your bangs.

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9 Comments on “Top 10 Ways to Grow Out Your Foof (Bangs)”

  1. Tomas Says:

    I love the sunglasses look. Kind of a Beach Babe You Want To Know Me But You’re Not Cool Enough thing.

    Being a Red Green fan, I prefer duct tape. Get the black duct tape, not the gray stuff, because you don’t want people to KNOW you’re wearing duct tape. Or you could just paint little butterflies on it.

    Hats work:

    And everyone’s favorite hat:

    (“Oh, there’s a hat in these pictures?”)

    Of course, you could always shave and start over.

    Just sayin’….

  2. Corey Says:

    okay seriously… post surgery belly busting laughter is NOT fun but OH MY STARS its so worthwhile….
    Thank you for the tips on the foof….I’m going to impliment #6, 8 and 10… :))) all at once..
    thanks girlie… you so rock (love love love the necklace by the way)

  3. I am rolling! I luuv your blog! You are my fix for mirth. I am following you on Twitter, but now…now? I’m going to PAY ATTENTION! lol Keep it up. Cheers! G

  4. …now that I’ve had to change my Depends twice during your vlog….thanks so much for all the fabulous ideas. Yes I have bangs and they’re driving me insane because w/the humidity they tend to curl and frizz and so I’m growing them out and NOTHING is working… I tried the ‘cutesie’ headband and looked like a slightly challenged 8-yr old on her first day of school. The sunglasses works but looks odd when I’m wearing an additional pair of glasses over my eyes (okay the one eye you can actually see at the moment) – and yes, I admit to parting my hair in the middle as a last resort because that seems to be all that’s working — that and a ton of hair spray to keep the ends from curling up like some gawdawful Western cowboy nightmare mustache. ack ack. Why’d I ever allow the foof in my life…where’s that Krazy Glue anyway…

  5. sparkeluvah Says:

    I’ve had bangs once in my life. 6th grade. Never. Again. Unfortunately they live on in the yearbook photo. Ugh!

  6. Jane DeVoe Says:

    I will most certainly do a citizen’s arrest on any trollops I see. Especially those from Chicago!

  7. Chicago is know to rank #1 in trollopdom! LOL

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