Popped Tops and Other Men’s Flops

ATTENTION DUDES! Once again, here is Style Dude at large, Bryan Viper, with a perfectly pithy guest post… 

Bryan Viper, Style dude at large.


In today’s climate of blurred lines of almost any given topic, it’s hard to pin down what is acceptable in terms of fashion pour homme (that means you, men). If you analyze the trends in NYC and most large cities, you see it all as a big marketing idea. Even when something becomes successful (for whatever horrific reason, i.e. the ‘80’s) that doesn’t mean it looks good. As I like to say, “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”

Three things I’ve seen a lot lately in casual wear are polo shirts with popped collars, brightly colored pants/jeans and the infamous deck shoes.

Popped collars – many of the people in my circle were dumbfounded that standing your polo shirt collars upright would become trendy two years ago. We always thought it made someone look like a dirtbag. What’s worse is that the trend caught on in the suburbs and beyond, and that’s where it lasts the longest. Now, companies are putting their logos on that part of the collar so you become a billboard too. You will thank me in a couple of years if you put this one out of its misery.


Is that your butt? Or is it a salmon swimming upstream?


Colorful pants/jeans – this is a slippery slope. I consider my ideology fashion forward, however I personally like dark and basic when it comes to clothing the lower half: dark navy or gray, yes; black, ok. Blue jeans? Depends on how dark. Any other flavor and that’s almost always a no, with little debate. However, some colors should be banned from the color palette entirely. Salmon colored jeans on a man. No bueno, but hey—your call. Don’t mind us laughing from the corner.

Deck Shoes – Suddenly, it’s a late 80’s revival with the resurgence of the deck shoe when wearing shorts. Not only are these overly preppy staples boring, but also they are decidedly very “New England nautical” and unless you’re on a boat in that part of the country, leave them at home. Guys have been wearing them without socks, so don’t think you’ve been impressing anyone with the odor when you remove them. Granted, they would look even worse with socks, but that’s why you steer clear of them in the first place.

Now, imagine all three together. I think I just felt scientists on Antarctica shudder. Can we let the 80’s die already? Oh wait—some marketing campaign says it’s all “in” so scurry along and be their little statistic. OR… Do yourself a favor and avoid these trends. For some of you, there’s a resounding “duh” echoing into the distance, but for others, I know you need a little direction. Who wants to look like a dirtbag anyway? Don’t follow all the trendy things if you don’t shop very often and aren’t confident wielding some fashion sense (like most guys). If you’re unsure, stick to the basics and ask for help. Besides, asking for help from a pretty little shopkeeper is the perfect opportunity to flirt and get some fashion tips for free. Sounds like shopping just got a little better.

Bryan Viper’s  fabulous blog can be read and enjoyed by clicking on the highlighted “fabulous blog” link above. He is a multi-faceted creative force to be reckoned with and please do your best to make him feel at home by following him on Twitter here. Thank you, Bryan!

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One Comment on “Popped Tops and Other Men’s Flops”

  1. sparkleluvah Says:

    My theory: a popped collar, TapOut and/or Affliction logos are great indicators that a guy (or girl) is a complete dirtbag. Another great post from Bryan – thanks for having a guest dude, Sueanne!

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