Summer Separation Anxiety Solutions

It’s August 26th and there’s been Halloween candy in my drugstore for two weeks.  Fall. Is coming. 

Am I happy about this? No. Sadly, The only thing that saves me from sobbing into my morning latte as I watch the pool guys close the pool mid-September (I’m kidding, I can’t ever watch, do I look like a MAN?) is that I know I’ll get to wear cowboy boots again. True, jumping in fall leaves is fun but not quite as much since the neighbors called the cops. 

I love Paris necklace


I don’t want my pool time, beach time, family time, and social life to screech to an end as I get lost in the quagmire of school schedules, more appointments lest it appear I don’t actually work for a living, less sun, and lots of things that bear little or no resemblance to lounging by my pool sipping something with a lime, texting, tweeting, and yapping on my iPhone all the livelong day in between jewelry orders and being an unpaid Taxi driver.  

F-F-F-all. It’s coming. My favorite time of the year is coming to an end.

For a lot of people this also means they have to start making better decisions about what to wear. Flip flops and shorts just are not going to cut it and you need to stop looking like a bum. The phonebook sized fashion magazines arrive at the door, displaying non-stop fabulous item after item. This season also marks the reemergence of Pajama People from their caves or wherever they’ve been hiding out all Summer. 

Here are a few things that may help you get over your fear of  Fall.

Donate the stuff you didn’t wear to charity or sell it on E-bay

 This is really the best time to do it, as it’s still on hangers taunting you. What? You can’t hear what that dress is saying to you? Mine is saying “Hey Sueanne. Yeah, You. You haven’t worn me in 2 years. Please let me go, or I will open an account on Twitter and openly mock you.”

Do a little inventory

Take a quick look at all of your fall and winter clothes. You forgot how many fabulous thing you already own, didn’t you? Do any pants or jackets need tailoring? Does anything need to be dry cleaned. Any new holes in those sweaters? Get them done now so you’ll be ready when that air turns cool. This also prevents you from buying a duplicate item when you’re out shopping. You can’t remember what you have, if you have not seen it for 4 months. 

Get more mileage out of your fall and summer wardrobe by pairing things together from both seasons.

Be creative. Your look needn’t seem like it came straight off a mannequin. Why is that mannequin in your closet by the way? Get rid of her.

Take advantage of pre-season sales.

Yes, it can be weird trying on sweaters in August, but some stores have up to 40% off just to get the new Fall merchandise moving. My favorite jean company, Lucky Jeans, has $30 off most of their jeans for a couple more days, by the way. I’ve cut myself off. 10 pairs is enough. One mustn’t be a denim glutton.

Wear White past Labor Day.

Romancing the Sunstone earrings


I don’t care what they say. If you still look good in white, then wear it. Just for a couple of more weeks. The world will not judge you for pretending it’s still summer, and neither will I. 

Invest in Accessories

Pick up a few belts, shoes, and, oh,  I don’t know.. let me think… JEWELRY to update your existing wardrobe. No need to buy yet another clothing item you already have. Accessories change the look quickly and easily. 

How do you ease into Fall? Talk to me. Leave a comment. : )

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3 Comments on “Summer Separation Anxiety Solutions”

  1. Bryan Viper Says:

    We are breeds apart. Being a dweller among concrete, steel and glass in NYC, I loathe the Summer. Fall, Winter and Spring are ALL preferred to the unrelenting heat and accompanying humidity. However, as much as I can’t stand Summer, I know what you mean about easing into a season. The bonus (for me) is that everyone is infinitely more fashionable in my seasons of preference. Good luck adjusting! 😉

  2. In Miami, we ease into fall right around November. It’s weird to see sweaters in storefronts. BTW, they’ve been there for at least a month.

    But I grew up in NY, so I get it. BTW, on your last post (vlog) I guess I busted myself that I don’t have a potential recipient to buy for.

    Also, we don’t have pajama people doen here much. Let’s call them gym clothes people. Oddly, many seem to pull it off…~Mike

  3. strega_rossa Says:

    Maybe one day I’ll be able to transition from shorts and t-shirts to something fashionable and jeans…but til then I enjoy reading your blog.

    I actually laughed out loud about your dress threatening to mock you via twitter. Priceless!

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