Start Small, Think Big

What makes you feel good?

Lots of things, right? Your family, dog, cat, pie, nice run on the beach, a good joke…. There’s a long list. I could write an entire blog about that. 

But to get “deep” for a moment, and for once without mentioning “dish pie a la mode” with that, what has always made me feel good without fail is the simple act of doing something nice …for somebody else.  

I didn’t invent this concept. My parents, whom I affectionately call June and Ward Cleaver, taught me. Both my parents were always active in local charities. Whether it’s giving time, money, or creativity, I’d advise everybody to pitch in and help out a cause or two. It just feels good. Look at what Paul Newman and Robert Redford have done. It’s amazing.

Your help will be appreciated and effect people immediately. Here are three projects I’m involved with right now. Click on any picture to get to the website to purchase.

The first is The National Domestic Violence Hotline.

Hotline Necklace


I designed this necklace and earrings specifically to benefit the National Domestic Violence Hotline. 1−800−799−SAFE(7233) or TTY 1−800−787−3224.
 No, I have never been a victim of Domestic Violence, and in fact have had years of training in Ass Kicking, or as some like to call it Martial Arts. No, I have never used my training to cause any Domestic Violence either. Isn’t it enough that my family is forced to eat my cooking?


Hotline Earrings


That being said, I know many people who have suffered domestic abuse and I’m happy to support this very worthy and important cause. 

I am also selling these items as a set on my website. 40% of the actual sale price goes to this cause. A big thank you to Kim Wells, who I met on Twitter, for directing me to this cause, and the Hotline for letting me help.  Kim is the Executive Director of the Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence. 

Butterflies for Lupus


The next cause I have supported for several months in the Lupus Foundation of Pennsylvania. I don’t have Lupus, either, but I have friends who do and it’s not a picnic.  This green version of this necklace was originally co-designed by myself and Shennee Rutt, a wonderful woman I met on Twitter. For every purchase made of this necklace, I donate $20 (over 30%) to the Lupus Foundation of PA. Lupus is an inflammatory disease caused by the immune system. The necklace is also available on my site in green onyx and amethyst. Thanks to the Foundation for allowing me to help.

The Third organization I’m involved with is Island Harvest . Their volunteers and staff “rescue,” or collect, good surplus food from over 600 local restaurants, caterers, farms, and other food-related businesses; and distribute it to a network of close to 500 soup kitchens, food pantries, and other places where those in need can access it. They also have a food drive, which I’m currently helping with. You can help too . Obviously, since I won’t be cooking, nobody will get hurt. 

The food drive this year is October 23rd. Last year through @LiTweetup and @IslandHarvest several hundred pounds of food were collected at participating Panera Bread locations. The food drive is starting early this year as the food banks are at record lows. 

So you see. It’s easy to get involved. You don’t have to be Paul Newman and make Spaghetti Sauce. (the marinara is my favorite, by the way) You don’t have to be Robert Redford and start the Sundance Institute.

Just start small and thing big. 

Thank you for your support, as always. 

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3 Comments on “Start Small, Think Big”

  1. A very deep and thought-provoking post,you’re right, if everyone did “their little thing” that would add up to
    a great big thing to help those less fortunate than ourselves. Thank you Sueanne!

  2. thanks for all you do to support others, Gem! U rock!

  3. sparkleluvah Says:

    thank you so much for posting this and for everything you do to support your friends on Twitter and the causes in your area. you’re awesome and I’m glad you can use your talent and skills to rock any cause!

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