Covering your Butt. Pants Basics.

As a continuation of my last post about wardrobe basics, inspired by questions from my friend Linda, I have decided to cover the rear and tackle the topic of pants.

As usual, the jewelry I’m wearing in the video can be found by clicking here

Thank you for letting me cover your ass. ; )

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2 Comments on “Covering your Butt. Pants Basics.”

  1. …”think of your ass as a barn???” snort not openin’ those barn doors baby! All kidding aside – thanks again for good advice – I’m having fun buying pants even if it is a hassle since every manufacturer makes their sizes fit differently (oh if only we could do something about that!!) I have 3 pairs of jeans now – an 8, a 10, and a 12 – unbelievable – I’m working on that psychological thing that it’s not the NUMBER that is important — it is the FIT – that’s what you would tell me. No mommy jeans and no muffin top here girlfriend! See? I listen to you! MWAH!

  2. Tuulikki Says:

    I love this and love you talking…your humour is great!!!:)Happy Spring Sueanne and enjoy your life! Yours Tuulikki U.

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