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Artisan gift guide

December 11, 2010

WHAT? You need a cool gift and you’re tired of giving boring gift cards and buying my fabulous jewelry? Here are a few of my favorite¬† artists who all make unique items perfect for gifts all year round. I personally own their creations. Please support them if you love their work as much as I do. Click on the pictures or highlighted links to go directly to their websites.

Dance in the Rain necklace

The vivacious Shelbi Lavender loves to focus on the smallest of detail and combines delicate chains with unique charms, pendants, semi precious stones and pearls. Her pieces can be worn individually for a chic simple look or layered to make a bolder statement. They are extremely versatile and can be worn for both casual and formal occasions. All of the designs are handmade and, while most are produced in very limited quantities, some are one of a kind.

Tomas Howie is a fabulous painter based near Indianapolis, IN. His portraits and divine, and landscapes particularly breathtaking. I have one of his landscapes hanging in my studio and I just love looking at it every day.

Cafe Rouge Cosmetic bag

Sue from Antique Basket lady is a talented seamstress and designer who has designed several custom items for me. She pays special attention to detail and search for unusual fabrics from funky to shabby to vintage. Her goal is to create a quality item an affordable price.


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