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How to say “I Love You” in zero words or less.

February 6, 2011

Here I go again, writing a mushy Valentine’s Day post.

Being in a business that is closely related to passion, love, emotions and romance, (that would be jewelry and media, for those of you who are just tuning in) it’s really a wonder I ONLY do it once a year. But that gives me the rest of the year to think about it. I think about it pretty much every day.

Smoochy Woochy Necklace

To some, Valentine’s Day is just an overhyped capitalist plot to sell jewelry, chocolate, flowers, and really expensive dinner reservations where they sadistically limit the menu at your favorite place. To me, that’s a sad and jaded way to look at the day.

Think back. Remember when you were a little kid and you used to get valentines from your friends and parents? Wasn’t that fun? Sweet? And what about the first piece of jewelry you gave a girl or received from a boy. Why doesn’t Cracker Jack make good free prizes anymore, while I’m on that topic?

But I digress.

Remember the first love letter you received?  For me it was a long letter folded up in the shape of a football and slipped into my locker in high school. The guy who wrote it was afraid to tell me to my face that he was completely smitten. I got a few of those letters before I figured out who it was. He was just a friend. “Of course.” But I was touched.

Remember the first love letter you wrote? It was easy, wasn’t it. When is the last time you wrote one? Try it.

"Naples" earrings

This Valentine’s Day,  do something for somebody you care about. This may mean doing some laundry. Washing a dish. Telling somebody they are everything you have ever wanted and why. Having sex. For those of you who say sex has nothing to do with love, shame on you. Sex is intimacy, and intimacy is love. If she loves jewelry, great, give a personalized piece, like the pieces I make. Not something that was made by a machine. If they love sports or the theater, fork over tickets and suffer through it, even if you don’t particularly like it. Books are great gifts for people who actually take the time to read. Flowers are awesome. I have nothing against chocolate, personally.

Don’t limit celebrating the day just to your significant other, either. Is there anybody out there who doesn’t want to feel loved? Take the time to tell the important people in your life that they matter to you and you appreciate them.

No matter what little gift you choose to give the one you love, whether it be tangible or just an act of kindness, accompany it with a few words written down to commemorate that day and your feelings. Words are the best gift when accompanied by actions.

Happy Valentine’s Day. I appreciate you.

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