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Sueanne Shirzay Jewelry Lookbook 1/12

January 22, 2012

Hello there! Tried something a little different, a video lookbook for the jewelz. Thanks for looking and as always for your support, inspiration and giggles.

All jewelry is available for purchase online at Sueanne Shirzay Jewelry and select U.S. boutiques. Have you circled my Google + page yet? Please do. It’s tres hula-hoopish.

Music: “Hey My Love”  by Dion Roy, available on iTunes by clicking preceding link.  You can also find Dion on Facebook  , Twitter and Google + .

When Joshua Estrin is not discussing genetics with me he can be found interviewing celebs and dishing the facts, not the gossip at . He’s also on the Twitter.

I offer social media services such as putting together videos like this one and social strategy at Killer Social.


What We Did 4 Love

July 28, 2011

Hi there! It’s 7/28, my birthday, and although I’ll be celebrating well into a week, hey, maybe even a month—there is a gift I am giving myself and that is…  *What We Did 4 Love*.  This new wing of Sueanne Shirzay Jewelry is something I have been wanting to do for years and currently features myself and jewelry artists Tina Tang and Beth Lerner. More will be joining. My goal is to have other types of handmade goods on the site other than jewelry.

10% of sales will go to the National Domestic Violence Hotline, whom I have worked with for the past year on other philanthropic jewelry projects. They are an amazing group of people who save lives every single day.

If you are an interested artist, please contact me at and thank you so much for your support as always. Please follow @WhatWe Did4Love on Twitter if you wish.

Summer Separation Anxiety Solutions

August 26, 2010

It’s August 26th and there’s been Halloween candy in my drugstore for two weeks.  Fall. Is coming. 

Am I happy about this? No. Sadly, The only thing that saves me from sobbing into my morning latte as I watch the pool guys close the pool mid-September (I’m kidding, I can’t ever watch, do I look like a MAN?) is that I know I’ll get to wear cowboy boots again. True, jumping in fall leaves is fun but not quite as much since the neighbors called the cops. 

I love Paris necklace


I don’t want my pool time, beach time, family time, and social life to screech to an end as I get lost in the quagmire of school schedules, more appointments lest it appear I don’t actually work for a living, less sun, and lots of things that bear little or no resemblance to lounging by my pool sipping something with a lime, texting, tweeting, and yapping on my iPhone all the livelong day in between jewelry orders and being an unpaid Taxi driver.  

F-F-F-all. It’s coming. My favorite time of the year is coming to an end.

For a lot of people this also means they have to start making better decisions about what to wear. Flip flops and shorts just are not going to cut it and you need to stop looking like a bum. The phonebook sized fashion magazines arrive at the door, displaying non-stop fabulous item after item. This season also marks the reemergence of Pajama People from their caves or wherever they’ve been hiding out all Summer. 

Here are a few things that may help you get over your fear of  Fall.

Donate the stuff you didn’t wear to charity or sell it on E-bay

 This is really the best time to do it, as it’s still on hangers taunting you. What? You can’t hear what that dress is saying to you? Mine is saying “Hey Sueanne. Yeah, You. You haven’t worn me in 2 years. Please let me go, or I will open an account on Twitter and openly mock you.”

Do a little inventory

Take a quick look at all of your fall and winter clothes. You forgot how many fabulous thing you already own, didn’t you? Do any pants or jackets need tailoring? Does anything need to be dry cleaned. Any new holes in those sweaters? Get them done now so you’ll be ready when that air turns cool. This also prevents you from buying a duplicate item when you’re out shopping. You can’t remember what you have, if you have not seen it for 4 months. 

Get more mileage out of your fall and summer wardrobe by pairing things together from both seasons.

Be creative. Your look needn’t seem like it came straight off a mannequin. Why is that mannequin in your closet by the way? Get rid of her.

Take advantage of pre-season sales.

Yes, it can be weird trying on sweaters in August, but some stores have up to 40% off just to get the new Fall merchandise moving. My favorite jean company, Lucky Jeans, has $30 off most of their jeans for a couple more days, by the way. I’ve cut myself off. 10 pairs is enough. One mustn’t be a denim glutton.

Wear White past Labor Day.

Romancing the Sunstone earrings


I don’t care what they say. If you still look good in white, then wear it. Just for a couple of more weeks. The world will not judge you for pretending it’s still summer, and neither will I. 

Invest in Accessories

Pick up a few belts, shoes, and, oh,  I don’t know.. let me think… JEWELRY to update your existing wardrobe. No need to buy yet another clothing item you already have. Accessories change the look quickly and easily. 

How do you ease into Fall? Talk to me. Leave a comment. : )

Go Ahead and Cuff Me

January 24, 2010


Brown and Turquoise Deco Cuff


It all started with Johnny Depp. Specifically, with his appearance in the People Magazine most beautiful people issue, which, of course, I had picked up to peruse the jewelry ads. Ahem. I got a message from a friend to check out Johnny’s cool leather wrist cuff, and she asked me where she could get one for her boyfriend.

Back View, Button detail


Being the good friend I am (oh- shut up) I checked out the magazine again, which I already had because I was looking at jewelry– and saw the cuff in question. It was, of course very, very cool. I mean, look who was wearing it. I hopped onto in search of said cuff. As I was looking, I stumbled upon scores of options. I made a suggestion to my gal pal and bookmarked a couple of women’s versions that were really pretty to get back to later.

I don’t really know if cuffs are a new trend, and, as I have mentioned before, I really don’t care. This is a style blog, people. All I know is when I went back to look at my bookmarks I immediately snapped up two really pretty ones from

Caribbean Queen Earrings


Baroque and Roll cuffs, made by designer Deanna DiBene. They put the “C” in Cool and the “G” in Gorgeous, honey. They are made of beautiful fabric, lined with a really soft sueded leather, and have really pretty button details. It feels like you’re wearing nothing. Well, I mean on your wrist, of course. They are so beautiful and unique, I just had to feature them on my blog, natch. Her prices are very reasonable, and she also seems to use many of the same color combos that I use in my jewelry, which is a big bonus!

Blue Bird and apple green brown leather cuff


Deanna loves to mix feminine and tough and practical and pretty together. Her work room is brimming with ribbons, feathers, jewels, trims and all manner of passementerie. She is most influenced by the 18th century- the glamour of old Hollywood and rock and roll. Deanna is always looking for ways to incorporate new and vintage fabrics and decorations

Lemon Drop Martini Necklace


together to create a modern twist on the past. So far her best sellers are the Brown and Pistachio and Brown and Turquoise Boho style. Her Websites are Please visit this amazing designer’s websites and tell me what you think!

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