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Outback Bowl Confidential

January 5, 2012

As you know from seeing my packing video and my Michigan State University and University of Georgia football player interview, I spent last week with Outback during Outback Bowl week being given an exclusive inside look into what makes one of my favorite restaurants so amazing.

There are more interviews to come, with John Li, Senior VP of Research and Development, AKA the guy who decides what goes on the menu after making it deliciously awesome, and Becky Maree and Dan Holm of the Outback Social Media team. There will also be more video of my experience on the field. I even… got to interview the fella responsible for inventing the bloomin’ onion. I KNOW!!! Wow, HUH? Stay tuned for that.

But first, here is an inside look at the morning before the game with my co-Social Journo, and Man of Style, Joshua Estrin. I must say he was an absolute treasure to work and play with. I’m still breaking into embarrassingly random and sudden giggle fits.

Oh, and the reason my shoulder looks dislocated is because I’m actually holding up my iPhone video camera with my right arm. I actually have really good posture. LOL

AS ALWAYS… the jewelry I’m wearing in the video can be found right here in my shop.


When Joshua Estrin is NOT attending major sporting events with me he can be found at PopMuncher, writing about the world where entertainment, music, fashion and human behavior collide — He revels in the results, a delicious mix of chaos and mayhem. Wrap this all up in a “look ma’ no braces” package and the “Little Engine that never shoulda’, coulda’, or woulda’” has formed strong friendships with a veritable Who’s Who of celebrities.


What to do…when it looks TOO good on you.

September 14, 2010

The media is all over this New York Jets and Ines Sainz locker room controversy. 

Although I have  covered the topic, so to speak, in my own way during National Trollop Prevention month in August, and in several cleavage related posts, it is no surprise to me that now that it’s September, Ines didn’t get the memo.  I’ll rinse, repeat, and just put in my two cents. Eyeroll. Is my work never done? 

Seems that Ines, who is a drop dead gorgeous Mexican reporter, had a little trouble in the Jets Locker room. She tweeted something to the effect that she was embarrassed or uncomfortable, as rude comments were made to her by the players.  Seems the Jets players behaved like they had never seen a gorgeous woman wearing skin-tight jeans and a revealing top. In other words, they behaved like little boys pretending to be men.

Ines didn’t really complain about it, but her colleague did. The press went wild. Even Sam Champion is tweeting about this. 

There are two sides to this story. First, should women expect to be treated professionally if dressed like sluts even while working? Assume they are not standing on a streetcorner. Should men be expected to act like gentlemen when they are at their workplace and everywhere else regardless to what their female colleagues are wearing? 

My answer may surprise you.

Here’s the thing. Ines has her own style. And that style is slutty. She’s known for it, the players know about it and guess what?  It works for her. Ines was just doing her job and they should respect that. Since she’s been doing that job for nine years, my guess is that she’s probably good at it. 

There is no thin line between sexy and slutty. It’s a big huge mile wide line and Ines chooses to cross it daily. Does she look bad? Nope. She looks hot. Is this a good look for a reporter who wants to be respected? Maybe not. Would I advise people to dress like that? No, not really, but this may be an exception as she has made it her trademark. Frankly, with a few modifications, she’d probably look even better.

That being said, have we forgotten Charo? Some things just work. 

Men need to realize that the workplace is not their local strip club and treat women with respect. 

What do you think? What would you do… if it looked too good on you?

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