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Sueanne Shirzay Jewelry Lookbook 1/12

January 22, 2012

Hello there! Tried something a little different, a video lookbook for the jewelz. Thanks for looking and as always for your support, inspiration and giggles.

All jewelry is available for purchase online at Sueanne Shirzay Jewelry and select U.S. boutiques. Have you circled my Google + page yet? Please do. It’s tres hula-hoopish.

Music: “Hey My Love”  by Dion Roy, available on iTunes by clicking preceding link.  You can also find Dion on Facebook  , Twitter and Google + .

When Joshua Estrin is not discussing genetics with me he can be found interviewing celebs and dishing the facts, not the gossip at . He’s also on the Twitter.

I offer social media services such as putting together videos like this one and social strategy at Killer Social.


Why Chicks Dig Jewelry

November 14, 2011

This one is for all of you boys and girls who just don’t get it. And for those who DO, but just haven’t found the words.

It’s also a shameless plug for my two shops, Sueanne Shirzay Jewelry and What We Did 4 Love. : ) Ladies, you know what to do. Tape this post to the TV remote. His forehead… iPad… Refrigerator? If you need help shopping, email me at or call. 516 241-5836. Clicking on the photos will also get you to the sites.

Top 10 Reasons Chicks Dig Jewelry:

1. It always fits. It doesn’t shrink and mock you from the closet like your skinny jeans that you can’t wear anymore do.

Mermaid Necklace from SSJ

2. It makes us feel even more gorgeous than we know we already are

That’s HOT earrings from SSJ

3. It’s sparkly

Sparkly Icicle earrings from SSJ

4. It defines our style

Believe turquoise necklace by Beth Lerner exclusively in WWD4L

5. It makes your ex-wife or ex-girlfriend jealous.

We beotches can be competitive.

I’ve got the Flowah necklace by Tina Tang in WWD4L

6. It brings out our best features .

If worn above the waist, especially .

Mermaid earrings in SSJ

7. It sometimes makes clanky noises so you know we’re approaching… thus giving men ample time to hide their porn.

LEO necklace, part of the zodiac collection in SSJ

8. It comes in pretty pretty rainbow colors. Ahhh rainbows.

This Crush ain’t goin’ away earrings in SSJ

9. It feels good on our skin. But it usually looks a little better than a green seaweed masque.

Let’s Go Laughing earrings in SSJ

10. It symbolizes love if given as a gift. Or guilt. We don’t care.

Just buy us the dang  jewelry.

I hope this clears up the mystery… of Why Chicks Dig Jewelry.

; ) Ciao, Gorgeous!

How about Mother’s WEEK?

April 20, 2011

Ladies and gents, I  was lucky enough to be invited to a Mother’s Day Top Picks event by the Accessories Council in NYC this year. There I was introduced to about a dozen fantastic gifts to present to your Mom in the event that you still want her to speak to you, or better yet, NOT speak to you at all except to tell you that you are fabulous and babysit when you go to Europe for a week to ten days at the drop of a hat.

Here are a few that impressed me the most:

I chatted with at length and loved the adorable beautiful and sweet Pam Fink from Good Charma. The Good Charma Bracelet is a keepsake piece of

good charma

jewelry ideal for any mom. It features genuine turquoise, lapis, red coral and pyrite gemstones with sterling silver and 22k gold vermeil nuggets. They are adorned with really cool heart charms. They can be found at Bloomingdales at a starting price of only $75. What I love most about these is that they are so lightweight and colorful! You can stack them, they look great, and you don’t even know they are there.

Sunglasses! Because of my baby blues, greens, or whatever the heck they are, I wear Sunglasses almost every day. Yes, even when it rains,

Calista by Michael Kors

You should too! Cuts down on the Botox. : ) Note: Hell, no, I don’t use Botox. Here is a great “No autographs, please” look by the chic Michael Kors. The Michael Kors collection launched a glamourous range of sunglasses named Calista. They actually come in two sizes, to better flatter your face. Whether your Mom is Edgy or a bit more understated, both shapes will work .  Retailing at only $200 these are an absolute must with summer just around the corner.

Another gorgeous and charismatic gal, Maria Brito has made it her mission in life to help New Yorkers and visitors alike  love where they live.  She loves two of my favorite things– wine and art. Maria’s projects have been featured in national and international publications.”Frida’s World’,

Maria Brito, Designer

her art orientated interactive iPad and iPhone app for children about the life of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, was recently selected by Time Out London as one of the best apps for 2011. Maria’s New York based interior design company with a strong focus on contemporary and modern art, art collecting, wine collecting and customized wine storage. She is the one to call to make your house a home.

As many of you know, I have some major hair issues. My hair even opened its own twitter account recently when I was sleeping. Story to come. So hair products are important to me. And IT. Hair Rules daily cleansing cream is not only sulphate but paraben free. It cleanses and conditions in one process, it helps to

Goodbye, unruly hair

detangle hair while cleansing, leaving your hair, shiny, soft and silky. This company actually SPECIALIZES in those of us with unruly hair. I had the pleasure of meeting the owner and partners at another event recently. All really great folks. Any mom, even one without major hair issues, is going to be so happy to receive some really fantastic pampering products from Hair Rules. The cleansing cream retails at $32 for a 16oz bottle and will last for ages. Always check their website for special offers and of course hair styling tips.

Last but not least from this event was this stunning piece by  Judith Jack . Now look. By now you know how insanely picky I am. I never talk about anybody else’s jewelry unless I am REALLY

Come to MAMA!

impressed. This necklace has gorgeous Mother of Pearl on the back of a faceted blue stone which is surrounded by genuine marcasite. I literally saw it and said “WOW”. It has an intricate sterling chain which can either be worn long at 36″or halved to hang at the neckline, 18″.   I’m telling you, it’s Genius.  It retails at $350 and is a perfect gift for any mom and can be found at Nordstrom and Von Maur.

Of course, if none of these really magnificent gifts works for your Mom, or you just really want to overwhelm her with your undying adoration, I am adding new jewelry to my own site every day, so have a peek there as well.

Remember, be good to your Mom, and those who ACT like your Mom.

Much Love!


The Birds and the Bees According to Me

April 5, 2010


Dragon Whisperer


Oh, come on. You didn’t really think I meant that, did you? Okay, after last week’s post on booby management, I guess I don’t blame you, HA! but this this is a style blog. If you want that, call Dr. Ruth, or ask your Mom. Cheez.

Yes, there is a new trend in jewelry and I, for one, am loving rocking the plethora of insect and bird charms that are available for we jewelry designers to incorporate into our designs. Here are are few ways I have gotten a buzz with “things that fly”. Please click on the pictures for pricing and ordering info.

Dragon Whisperer: A sweet antique silver dragonfly charm flutters among marvelous orange chaledony (carnelian), alexandrite green mystic topaz, smoky quartz and white mystic quartz. 18″ sterling chain, sterling lobster clasp.

My Blue Heaven


My Blue Heaven: I could –not– put these stones down at my supplier’s shop. I bought a few strands having no idea what I would do with them. And I waited for inspiration. This is a special piece. The stones are just wonderful. What a color. Strung on silk, apprx 18″ . The bird charm is gold vermeil, and the gold accents are 10K gold plated. Gold plated lobster clasp.

What's the Buzz?


What’s the Buzz?: This is one I’m really proud of. I’d have to say it’s “me”, for lack of a better explanation.

A sweet gold vermeil honeybee charm flies wirh stunning mystic topaz in both a cool light denim shade and an alexandrite green paired with white quartz. All beautifully faceted. All apprx 12mm size. This necklace goes with everything, basically. 14K gold plated front toggle clasp and chain. 18″ but can be shorter if desired.

Dragonfly Ice


Dragonfly Ice:  Sweet, Sweet Antique gold dragonfly discs over mystic white quartz earrings. As shown these are on posts but they can be done on regular french earwires or leverbacks as well. 14K gold filled posts.

Leverbacks are 14K gold plated.

I will also be listing these in antique silver shortly. : )

Bee Passionate


Bee Passionate: Yes, I know it’s a bit corny. But what better way to describe this combination of orange passionfruit chalcedony, BEE-utiful blue flash labradorite and clear mystic quartz? The sweet little honey bee is gold vermeil, the chain and toggle are 14K gold plated. As shown it is 18″, but if you prefer a different length, please let me know.

Also if you would like the necklace with a back lobster clasp and no toggle, I can just put all of the stones on a ring for you. See the Miss Shelbi necklace for an example of that. Thank you!

Antique Silver Dragonfly


Antique Silver Dragonfly Earrings: Sweet little antique silver earrings with blackened details. Sterling earwires. Apprx. 3/8″ diameter, nice and lightweight.

These are also available in Antique Gold and can have gems like any of my mystic green, blue, or clear topaz added to the back for $10 more. They can also be done as post earrings.

Bird Charm Labradorite


Bird Charm Labradorite: Gorgeous blue flash Labradorite, Mystic Blue Topaz and Mystic Green Topaz join together delightfully with a sterling bird charm. 18″ Sterling chain. Lobster Clasp.

Chain length can be customized if you wish. This can also be done on a navy blue, chocolate brown, or black leather piece.

Butterflies for Lupus


Butterflies for Lupus Necklace: This necklace was co-designed by myself and Shennee Rutt, a wonderful woman I met on Twitter. For every purchase made, of this necklace, I will donate $20 to the Lupus Foundation of PA. Lupus is an inflammatory disease caused by the immune system. The necklace will be relisted each time it is purchased. 

This is a delightful large faceted green onyx (apprx 14mm) paired with a sweet amethyst and sterling silver butterfly charm. The butterfly is a national symbol for Lupus. They are on a sterling silver chain of 18″. Sterling Lobster clasp. If you need a different length, just make a note of it at checkout. Please help me support this worthy cause.for more information please visit : If you need a copy of their W-9 it is available for me to send by email.

And that, my friends, is just a small example of the birds, bees, dragonflies, and butterflies I have available on my site. Just take a peek. They’re fun, they’re sexy, and available to fly into your mailbox in less than a week if you are ordering from the US.

As always, thank you for supporting my addiction.

Don’t be afraid to show your stripes

February 8, 2010

I feel good in stripes. 

Vintage bateau J Crew


Yes, I know what you’re thinking. I must have “done time” at some point in my life. Knocked somebody down during a Nordstrom semi-annual sale.  Thrown a shoe at somebody who said they loved wearing black. Gotten in a tussle with some unsuspecting chick over who is cuter, Johnny Depp or Matthew Mcconaughey. For the record, it’s Johnny. 

Pineapple Quartz Gunmetal Necklace


But, no, it’s not that. I’ve given it a great deal of thought and decided I just have my moods where I want to look like a french sailor. Whaaat? Is that so wrong? It’s a clean look, a fresh classic look. A little boatneck, a little shoulder showing. It’s basically my much nicer alternative to throwing on sweats. I’m the anti-sweat, unless I’m actually exercising. If you think that sweatpants are stylish, by the way, please take a moment and subscribe to this blog now. I will find you, and your little closet too. I think stripes are sexy. You can disagree. But you’d be wrong.

Cameron Earrings


The good news is even though they never went “out” stripes seem to be particularly “in” for spring and summer this year, so there is a tremendous amount from which to choose. It doesn’t matter that I already own ten striped shirts, I’ll still buy more. And please don’t tell me that stripes make you look fat. Just don’t wear prison stripes. Keep the stripes darker and/or thinner, like black stripes on a brown shirt. Or just let a little of the stripes peek out from under a sweater so they don’t make you look all horizontal.

As far as wearing jewelry with stripes, I think you can either keep it simple with just a necklace or earrings and light makeup, or go for more of a rocker look with tons of layered pieces and a smokey eye. Stripes are extremely versatile in this way. My full line of jewelry can be found at

As always, please feel free to comment on this post and send any and all suggestions or questions to Happy Shopping. : )

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French Kiss

January 29, 2010

Passion for Paris


Cafe rouge medium snap purse


I love Paris and anything that is French. The architecture, the streets, the cobblestones, the impeccably designed store windows. The cheese, the coffee and bread I could eat all day every day. Don’t even get me started about dessert. I could sit and watch the colors, sights and sounds for a lifetime.

Ohh La La Necklace


The handsome French men, the put-together women. The romance. The art. Paris is a city that reeks of Life and Style. Sometimes I run into people who have been there and really didn’t care for it. “I can’t believe we were in the same city!”, I’ll say. To me being somewhere so old and historically well-preserved is fascinating in and of itself.

What are you waiting for? Just go. Here are a few objects you can find in the U.S. that remind me of that great city. If you click on the pictures, it will take you to the websites that offer them.

Nick and Mo Boucle Jacket


The charming bag above was handmade by Susan Zupnyk of Antiquebasketlady on Etsy. We met on Twitter, where she goes by @AntiqueBasket. She is an RN by day and bag maker by night who is

Miss Shelbi Necklace


addicted to fabrics…all fabrics vintage to funky. Her Etsy shop features handbags, totes, wristlets, clutch bags and wallets. She welcomes custom orders and loves to be challenged. Some of Susan’s favorite designers are Amy Butler, Heather Bailey and Joel Dewberry. 

Susan can be found on : Flickr: Etsy:

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