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What looks good on you for Spring-Winter 2012

June 1, 2012

I was fortunate enough to nab the very creative Editor-in-Chief from, Alexander Liang and their Fashion Director, the ever-so-chic Mia Tucker-Williams right after fashion week at the end of February and grill them on what’s hot and what belongs in the fashion dumpster for Spring-Winter 2012.

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Cool Spring STUFF

May 8, 2010


Easy Breezy Beautiful Necklace


Spa-RINNG  has finally arrived on Long Island, and I’m back to my cherished beach runs/walks/limps and scheduling a few outdoor appearances, “Because that’s what we do in New York” .

It was a particularly bad winter weatherwise here. How can you tell? The first clue is I barely even used my gym membership and opted instead to use the treadmill in my basement. I know what you’re thinking…B..O..R..I..N..G , but no, since I can talk on the phone, tweet, and check my email, Facebook and listen to music on my iPhone, it’s really not so bad. Plus, let’s face it, I am easily amused. And I don’t have to listen to the guy coughing like he’s about ready to lose a lung on the machine next to me like at the Gym. A girl has standards. Geez. 

Mommy and Me Bags. "How cute are THESE?!"


The second clue is that I really made a ton of jewelry, for you guys, much of which is on my website. I will be selling out of  my usual stores in Long Island (actually will be adding more stores shortly) and, just for fun, in person in beautiful Long Beach NY at this event one Sunday out of each month. The first date is May 23. I love to meet my customers in person, and answer that all important question Does this look good on me? – so please come down for a great day at the beach, and wonderful artwork of all kinds.

The third and last clue is that after giving my credit a card a breather, I am now taking it out of deep freeze and picking up a few must-have items. I just had a custom tote made by Antique Basket Lady in a cute Parisian print, and I’ll show it to you once it arrives. She is the mastermind behind these adorable Mommy and Me bags pictured.

Amitie Cards By Garden 22 Design


Spring is also a great time to start new projects and I’m pleased to announce I will be spewing style tips in yet another venue, Le Herald de Paris. Le Herald is an international publication, and I’d be lying like a dog if I said I was any less than giddy at this prospect. Yes, giddy is really the only word to describe how I feel about this. : ) Giddy, Giddy Giddy. I am currently talking with the publisher, Jes Alexander, who, by the way, just published a great book, The Holly Brown Chronicles, which is getting great reviews, to figure out when this advice spewing will commence. Speaking of Paris, how cool are these handstamped cards by Garden 22 Designs, eh? C’est Vrai? OUI!

Elaine Earrings


As far as jewelry goes, you’ll be happy to hear I am using some really pretty new stones and metal findings now and am more inspired than ever. Here is a pair of earrings I am particularly happy with. It’s always fun when you make something that you feel really “nails” what your own personal style is, and these earrings definitely do that for me.

And, in case you haven’t caught it, I am the resident fashionista on The Film Ladd Radio show each and every Wednesday at about 4:15 EST. I’m having lots of fun chatting with Ladd about a wide variety of style related conundrums and I will have files from those shows available to download in the near future. There is a chatroom associated with the show while it is ongoing that’s really hilarious, by the way. Stop in and ask me questions!

Don’t be afraid to show your stripes

February 8, 2010

I feel good in stripes. 

Vintage bateau J Crew


Yes, I know what you’re thinking. I must have “done time” at some point in my life. Knocked somebody down during a Nordstrom semi-annual sale.  Thrown a shoe at somebody who said they loved wearing black. Gotten in a tussle with some unsuspecting chick over who is cuter, Johnny Depp or Matthew Mcconaughey. For the record, it’s Johnny. 

Pineapple Quartz Gunmetal Necklace


But, no, it’s not that. I’ve given it a great deal of thought and decided I just have my moods where I want to look like a french sailor. Whaaat? Is that so wrong? It’s a clean look, a fresh classic look. A little boatneck, a little shoulder showing. It’s basically my much nicer alternative to throwing on sweats. I’m the anti-sweat, unless I’m actually exercising. If you think that sweatpants are stylish, by the way, please take a moment and subscribe to this blog now. I will find you, and your little closet too. I think stripes are sexy. You can disagree. But you’d be wrong.

Cameron Earrings


The good news is even though they never went “out” stripes seem to be particularly “in” for spring and summer this year, so there is a tremendous amount from which to choose. It doesn’t matter that I already own ten striped shirts, I’ll still buy more. And please don’t tell me that stripes make you look fat. Just don’t wear prison stripes. Keep the stripes darker and/or thinner, like black stripes on a brown shirt. Or just let a little of the stripes peek out from under a sweater so they don’t make you look all horizontal.

As far as wearing jewelry with stripes, I think you can either keep it simple with just a necklace or earrings and light makeup, or go for more of a rocker look with tons of layered pieces and a smokey eye. Stripes are extremely versatile in this way. My full line of jewelry can be found at

As always, please feel free to comment on this post and send any and all suggestions or questions to Happy Shopping. : )

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