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The Bag Ladies and… David Beckham

April 20, 2010

As long as I can remember, I have had a “thing” for handbags. Yes, Jewelry is not the first thing I developed an addiction for, it was in fact handbags. Now, lest you think this is a bad thing, I can assure you that it is NOT. Is it their leathery goodness, their color, their shiny hardware? Who knows? I just love them all.

I’m proud to introduce Anne Agoren, the designer of izzibag, to you in this video blog. The blog was originally longer, but YouTube has a 10 minute limit. You can’t imagine how tough it was to choose which bags made it into the video. Enjoy! 

Anne’s beautiful and truly unique bags: izzibag, are new to the US and can be ordered by clicking here.

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And the Winner is…..

April 17, 2010

And the winner is…. Here is my FABULOUS and SIDEWAYS video… help? I need an Intern? STAT? announcing the winner of my $50 gift certificate when I reached 5555 followers on Twitter. : ) The winner was pulled from among my blog subscriber and I WILL DO THIS AGAIN at 6000….so SUBSCRIBE to my blog, please?

Congrats to the WINNER!!! : )))

What to Wear to Your Affair

April 9, 2010

Helloooo! It’s that time again. Prom. Weddings. Chi-Chi fundraisers. Whatcha gonna wear?

Here’s my video blog covering pretty pretty dresses and jewelry to wear for your big day. Thank you to Stephanie at Frock for showing me her beautiful line! She has been carrying my jewelry almost since day one of my becoming a jewelry designing addict, so she has a very special place in my heart. Please visit her in person or online. She’ll totally hook you up. You can also find her @frocklb on Twitter. If you need the iPhone version of this video click here.

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How To Be a Fashionista In a Recessionista

April 8, 2010

What’s that you say?


Marrakesh Labradorite and Garnet Earrings


You have no money for clothes and accessories because you’re unemployed, had a salary pay cut, or froze your credit card in a chunk of ice in order to stop spending?

Oh, Pish Posh, kiss my  Lucky wearing Jean toukas.

This week on the Film Ladd Radio show, I discussed How to tell if you’re a Fashionista or NOT and how to be a Fashionista in a Recessionista. I’m in the last 45 minutes of the show.

As usual, our chat went wackily astray with talk of hunting giraffe, how squirrels are really rats with tails, what a meterosexual actually IS, fashion purgatory, whether or not Ladd owns a dress, and how I have taken up a collection from the neighborhood homeless people to buy him a shirt that is not black. We also discussed how to collect a cadre of friends that are your own size in order to borrow and never return their clothes, and how Ladd would look in a skin tight skating outfit. Listen, laugh, watch and learn. Click –> Here are the audio and video clips 

Here are the top 9, -yes, 9, not 10- signs you MAY or MAY NOT BE  A FASHIONISTA  and what to do about it in these tough economic times. 

1. If the inside of your closet looks like Bloomingdales, YOU MAY BE A FASHIONISTA

If the inside of your closet looks like Dick’s Sporting Goods  YOU MAY NOT BE A FASHIONISTA

2.  If you’ve seen AND READ The Devil Wears Prada or any Confessions of a Shopaholic book or movie twice or more EACH You MAY BE A FASHIONISTA

If you read Field and Stream  and/or own/wear waders on a regular basis.. You NOT BE A FASHIONISTA 

3.  If you look like you should be in the movies You MAY BE A FASHIONISTA

If you look like you work at Blockbuster or should play “the body” (as in dead person) in a movie You MAY NOT BE A FASHIONISTA 

4. If people often don’t recognize you because you keep changing your hair you MAY BE A FASHIONISTA 

 If you have had the same haircut since you had your Senior picture taken you MAY NOT BE A FASHIONISTA
5. If you think ice is for  freezing credit cards in and icing down “credit card swiping carpal tunnel syndrome” YOU MAY BE A FASHIONISTA

If you think ice is for icing down your latest twisted ankle, back sprain, or groin pull,  YOU MAY NOT BE A FASHIONISTA

Fragrant Valley Dress


6.  If you  clap your hands jump up and down and say “PRETTY, PRETTY DRESS” often YOU MAY BE A FASHIONISTA

If you don’t own a skirt or dress you MAY NOT BE A FASHIONISTA 
7. If people always ask you to take them shopping you MAY BE A FASHIONISTA

If nobody ever asks you to go shopping, or they say, “YOU DON’T WANT TO GO SHOPPING WITH ME, DO YOU?”  YOU MAY NOT BE A FASHIONISTA

8.  If people say  “NICE OUTFIT” you MAY BE A FASHIONISTA


9. If people lower the lights when you walk in the room YOU MAY BE A FASHIONISTA

If people shoot out the lights when you walk into a room YOU MAY NOT BE A FASHIONISTA

What To Do… What To Do…..


Princess Vintage Swarovski Earrings


Yes, you can look awesome even if you are short on cash.

1. Borrow clothes from friends or sisters and never return them

Hey, you know what they say, you can’t divorce your family. You may have to replace your friends more frequently this way, but think, you really don’t know what ever happened to that teal sweater of yours, now do you? Oh, yeah, you gave Briana your key so she could feed your cat. Mmmm hmm. 

2. Shop thrift

Depending on where you live, you can find some really cool thing in thrift shops. This is a place where rich old ladies who don’t know about ebay deposit their really cool stuff. The trick is, you have to live somewhere that has rich old ladies nearby. For guys, as I mention on the air, with an oh-so-nifty Charlie Sheen spin, is there anything cooler than a vintage bowling shirt with somebody else’s name on it that’s in really good shape? I don’t think so. I love vintage and have a few vintage and vintage-y looking jewelry items in my shop.

3. big huge sales/personal shopper secret info

Here’s what you do to take advantage of a big department store sale. For example. If, like me, you wear a size 8 shoe, which is average, you know darn well on sale day all your shoes will be sold before you get there and the shoe department will be a nightmare. No need to get pissed off, fellow fashionistas… Go to the store two days before the sale, try on your shoes in an uncrowded pleasant shopping environment, and have the personal shopper on staff put them back in her office for you until sale day. They are only too happy to do this. Not only do you get your shoes, and at sale price, but you do not have to stand up on a chair to flag someone to fetch you your shoes in the middle of a vicious crowded shoe department on sale day. 

4. Closet trading event with friends your own size.

First of all, we can have friends in all shapes and sizes, of course. But please go out of your way to befriend people who are your size, and this is why: Once a year you can have a martini and closet exchange party. Simply bring all of the stuff you no longer wear and have a trade session. Easy. It’s also a great way to get back the items that disappeared from your closet from item #1, Ha ha. 

5. Ebay

I could and WILL do an entire blog about Ebay, because that is just how much I love them. Ebay is a fantastic way to buy great new and vintage stuff at a fraction of retail. It’s also a great place to sell your clothes, boots, shoes, and handbags that you no longer use. I do this twice a year, usually in spring and fall. It’s a great way to earn cash to “buy more stuff”  WOO HOO! 

6. Shop in your own damn closet.

As I stated in Conquering your Closet you really do have a ton of stuff, and if it’s organized you can find things you forgot you even owned. How awesome is that? 

Yes, my daughter actually owns this shirt and I have worn it.


7. Wear your daughter’s clothes. Just put them back in her closet before 3:05

As we discussed on the airwaves, what better reason to reproduce than to have daughters so you can swipe their cool duds? I have no sisters. I was desperate. : ) 

8. Get a job in a retail clothing store. ok. Get three jobs in retail clothing stores.

You can get a great discount but you will need to work at least 18 hours a day with what they pay you. 

9. Let students cut your hair or be a hair model. Hell. the dog groomer would be better than what you’ve been doing.

When I was a student I was a hair model For Vidal Sassoon, among others. That just means you go in there on a given day when they are training their students, volunteer your head up and get a free or greatly reduced price haircut. They usually have to do a certain cut, but sometimes you can pick. Oh, the benefits to having good hair. YES! Little known fact: Most dog groomers cut hair. Maybe one will give you a break, who knows? HA

10. Read my blog DOES THIS LOOK GOOD ON ME?

Of course I will keep the great ideas coming, for you, my loyal readers and viewers. THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING MY JEWELRY ADDICTION, as always.

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The Birds and the Bees According to Me

April 5, 2010


Dragon Whisperer


Oh, come on. You didn’t really think I meant that, did you? Okay, after last week’s post on booby management, I guess I don’t blame you, HA! but this this is a style blog. If you want that, call Dr. Ruth, or ask your Mom. Cheez.

Yes, there is a new trend in jewelry and I, for one, am loving rocking the plethora of insect and bird charms that are available for we jewelry designers to incorporate into our designs. Here are are few ways I have gotten a buzz with “things that fly”. Please click on the pictures for pricing and ordering info.

Dragon Whisperer: A sweet antique silver dragonfly charm flutters among marvelous orange chaledony (carnelian), alexandrite green mystic topaz, smoky quartz and white mystic quartz. 18″ sterling chain, sterling lobster clasp.

My Blue Heaven


My Blue Heaven: I could –not– put these stones down at my supplier’s shop. I bought a few strands having no idea what I would do with them. And I waited for inspiration. This is a special piece. The stones are just wonderful. What a color. Strung on silk, apprx 18″ . The bird charm is gold vermeil, and the gold accents are 10K gold plated. Gold plated lobster clasp.

What's the Buzz?


What’s the Buzz?: This is one I’m really proud of. I’d have to say it’s “me”, for lack of a better explanation.

A sweet gold vermeil honeybee charm flies wirh stunning mystic topaz in both a cool light denim shade and an alexandrite green paired with white quartz. All beautifully faceted. All apprx 12mm size. This necklace goes with everything, basically. 14K gold plated front toggle clasp and chain. 18″ but can be shorter if desired.

Dragonfly Ice


Dragonfly Ice:  Sweet, Sweet Antique gold dragonfly discs over mystic white quartz earrings. As shown these are on posts but they can be done on regular french earwires or leverbacks as well. 14K gold filled posts.

Leverbacks are 14K gold plated.

I will also be listing these in antique silver shortly. : )

Bee Passionate


Bee Passionate: Yes, I know it’s a bit corny. But what better way to describe this combination of orange passionfruit chalcedony, BEE-utiful blue flash labradorite and clear mystic quartz? The sweet little honey bee is gold vermeil, the chain and toggle are 14K gold plated. As shown it is 18″, but if you prefer a different length, please let me know.

Also if you would like the necklace with a back lobster clasp and no toggle, I can just put all of the stones on a ring for you. See the Miss Shelbi necklace for an example of that. Thank you!

Antique Silver Dragonfly


Antique Silver Dragonfly Earrings: Sweet little antique silver earrings with blackened details. Sterling earwires. Apprx. 3/8″ diameter, nice and lightweight.

These are also available in Antique Gold and can have gems like any of my mystic green, blue, or clear topaz added to the back for $10 more. They can also be done as post earrings.

Bird Charm Labradorite


Bird Charm Labradorite: Gorgeous blue flash Labradorite, Mystic Blue Topaz and Mystic Green Topaz join together delightfully with a sterling bird charm. 18″ Sterling chain. Lobster Clasp.

Chain length can be customized if you wish. This can also be done on a navy blue, chocolate brown, or black leather piece.

Butterflies for Lupus


Butterflies for Lupus Necklace: This necklace was co-designed by myself and Shennee Rutt, a wonderful woman I met on Twitter. For every purchase made, of this necklace, I will donate $20 to the Lupus Foundation of PA. Lupus is an inflammatory disease caused by the immune system. The necklace will be relisted each time it is purchased. 

This is a delightful large faceted green onyx (apprx 14mm) paired with a sweet amethyst and sterling silver butterfly charm. The butterfly is a national symbol for Lupus. They are on a sterling silver chain of 18″. Sterling Lobster clasp. If you need a different length, just make a note of it at checkout. Please help me support this worthy cause.for more information please visit : If you need a copy of their W-9 it is available for me to send by email.

And that, my friends, is just a small example of the birds, bees, dragonflies, and butterflies I have available on my site. Just take a peek. They’re fun, they’re sexy, and available to fly into your mailbox in less than a week if you are ordering from the US.

As always, thank you for supporting my addiction.

Boobage Management

April 1, 2010

This time on my weekly style segment on the Film Ladd radio show, I was asked to talk about two of my previous posts “What about my Boobs” and “It’s None of my Boobness” . The second post was from my other non-style random blog in which I vent, called Yeah, That’s Random. 

Lido Chrysoprase and Hammered Hoop earrings


Now, can I just say the idea of talking about breasts for an hour was a little bit frightening at the beginning, but when you get right down to it, it’s a topic that I could probably talk about for three hours. Frankly, I’ve had boobs to manage since 6th grade, for crying out loud, and  I happen to be stacked. This fact was called into question to Ladd in the form of texting and DMing in Twitter during the interview, which, I have to say, was the funniest part of the whole process for me….Defending my Rack. I’m still laughing about that. I’m @sueannesjewelry on Twitter, in case you don’t already know that. 

Here are the video and voice radio show links. I’m in the first hour of this particular show. I call in once a week. I had a little extra time as it’s Spring Break, Ladd is such fun to talk to anyway, and you really can’t cover a huge topic like Boobage Management in 15 minutes, anyhoooo.

What is Boobage Management?

Successful Hooter Management means your boobs look good at all times. Easy. In all types of clothes and underwear. With jewelry. That kind of thing.

Signs you may need Boobage Management

1. Someone ways NICE BRA….and you’re… wearing a shirt.

Om/Lotus double sided necklace.Vintage German beads.


People, this bra-strap showing frontal bra showing back-strap bra showing thing has got to stop. We don’t want to see your straps or any other part of your bra, for that matter. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pretty bra. We REALLY don’t want to see what I call Oatmeal Frontage, which is when you wear a lumpy lace bra under your smooth shirt and it looks like you have two lumps of oatmeal for boobs. this is just NOT an attractive look.

2. People look at your boobs instead of your face when they speak to you.

This was gone into at length during the radio show, and Ladd and people in the Ustream chat room were blaming it on pervs, but the fact is, if it happens to you all the time, then it’s probably because you are either wearing a bad bra or showing too much cleavage.

3. You’re over a C cup.

The more you have, the more there is to manage. You can’t ignore that. Anything over a C has to be dealt with

4. You have gained or lost a lot of weight recently. 

Any weight gain or loss of 10-15 lbs or so is going to affect your bra size. You’ll need new bras.

5. People ask HOW MUCH ARE YOU? instead of HOW ARE YOU? 

Honey, if people think you’re a hooker, you are either standing on the wrong corner or you may have to get your boobs under control.

6. Little kids point to your chest and say LOOK AT THAT, MOMMY!

Something’s wrong there, sweetie. You need Hooter Management

7. You are constantly breaking jewelry because of your boobs

Until the Next Teardrop Falls labradorite earrings


Your necklaces are getting caught in your cleavage, along with your popcorn, car keys, what have you, and as a jewelry designer, this is quite the travesty. You need Hooter Management. I cover proper chain lengths in this article.

I also gave out the name in the chatroom of my favorite bras and undies, btempted, for those like me who love pretty things for their undergarment wardrobe. This is a gorgeous line by undergarment giant Wacoal. Doesn’t everybody want to be like me? No, they don’t pay me if you click the link. I’m not organized enough to do affiliate marketing yet. So just look at the link. 

Here are the 16, yes 16 different types of bras available to women these days to manage “the girls”. Many of them are dependent on what kind of shape you have. I think I have about 10-12 of the ones listed, and then we start in with different colors. My closet is a brapocolypse, what else can I say?

Everyday, or basic t shirt bra, lace bra, push-up bra, backless bra, black bra, sports bra, seamless bra, convertible bra, long line bra, minimizer bra, strapless bra, wide strap bra, racerback bra, shelf bra, demi-cup bra. plunge bra. Any well stocked bra department has all of these. I explain what half of them are in the radio interview. You really need at least 8 or 10 of these to go with all your clothes. And a couple for when you’re not wearing clothes, wink wink.

Obviously, I say a LOT more about this topic in the radio interview. I talk about tailoring, I talk about double sided tape. I talk about what it would be like if my boobs could vote. So listen and learn.

Thanks for your support. Ha. Ha.

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